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The Big 6 becomes 3... or does it…

Teaching schools initially utilised their experience, leadership and specialist capacity to support schools in six key areas, known as The Big 6.  Following successful implementation over the years, three of the original objectives are now generally regarded as embedded practice; Succession Planning, Specialist Leaders of Education and Research.  

  • Initial Teacher Education
    lead role in recruiting & developing new teachers
  • Continuing Professional Development
    peer-to-peer professional & leadership development
  • School to School Support
    provide & coordinate support for other schools
  • Succession Planning & Talent Management
    identify & develop leadership potential
  • Specialist Leaders of Education
    SLE designate & broker specialist leaders
  • Research & Development
    engage & lead in educational research   


We understand and accept the revised focus and drive for the three Teaching School priorities [1 – 3 above] but still feel there is work to be done across The Big 6 in total.  We also support the move away from the term Initial Teacher Training to the more accurate Initial Teacher Education, acknowledging the depth and commitment to this level of professional achievement.