The Bridge London Trust is constantly developing to meet the needs of its pupils and the local community. There was a growing recognition in Islington that there were pupils who could be better supported in a more flexible provision. As a result, The Bridge London Trust applied to open a free school to meet this demand. The Bridge Satellite Provision received approval from the Department for Education and opened as a Free School in September 2017.

The Satellite school is for pupils who will benefit from a specialist provision with inclusion links to partner mainstream schools. The school teaches a curriculum that marries both core content from the National Curriculum, mirroring our partner mainstream schools, alongside a bespoke program to address individual needs.

The school has 90 places, divided across four sites in the borough of Islington and each site will have close links with a partner mainstream school to ensure inclusion opportunities.

Whilst the provision is for pupils with autism and/or additional learning needs, pupils do not need to have a diagnosis of autism. However, many of the pupils placed at the school will present with needs predominantly related to social communication and interaction, flexible thinking and sensory processing.  The aim of our provision is that all pupils feel included and accepted in order to achieve their full potential. We want our pupils to be confident, happy, self-aware and independent learners.

Rosie Whur, Head of School