The Trust

The Bridge London Trust Limited ( the “Trust”) is a charity and company limited by guarantee. It is registered with Companies House with company number 08343491 and its registered office is at 251 Hungerford Road, London N7 9LD. The constitutional documents for the Trust, our Funding Agreements and other company information can be found on this site in the section headed “Trust Reporting”. The Company used to be called the Bridge Integrated Learning Space Limited but we changed our name in October 2016.

The Bridge London Trust is a unique Multi Academy Trust which consists of three special schools, one primary school, a teaching school and an outreach service. 

The Bridge School is a large special school which provides for pupils with severe learning difficulties and/or autism. It is based on two sites, a Primary site and a Secondary site.  The Bridge School has been judged outstanding by Ofsted in its last three inspections. A key focus of the primary curriculum is to offer a wide range of educational experiences.  The secondary curriculum focuses increasingly, as the pupils progress through the school, on preparation for life after school, looking at accreditation options, independence and belonging and contributing to the community.

The Bridge Integrated Learning Space (ILS) provides for pupils with extremely complex needs which often include sensory overload and behaviour which challenges. The focus of much of the work at the ILS is to support the pupils to feel safe in the school and community and to develop appropriate independence skills. In October 2017 Ofsted considered the school to be outstanding at its first inspection.

The Bridge Satellite Provision provides for pupils with autism who benefit from access to a mainstream curriculum but are not able to access mainstream education. This school is based on four sites and each site is located adjacent to a mainstream school.  This allows us to provide for the very special needs of these pupils whilst also accessing opportunities for inclusion. 

Hungerford Primary School, our newest member of the Trust, is a mainstream primary and co-located with The Bridge Primary School.

The Bridge London Trust is unique, but not only in the collection of provision we have.  We also have a set of fundamental principles which drive and inform us.  We are driven by our values – the five Ps – pride, passion, professionalism, positivity and partnership.  All decisions and developments are anchored on these values.  When recruiting we look for staff who will buy into and uphold these values.