Our Approach

The primary Satellite provision opened in September 2017 on two pre-existing temporary sites (The Cape and Robert Blair). Both sites are for primary pupils Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 with a capacity of up to 30 pupils across the sites. Each site is co-located with a mainstream partner school to enable opportunities for inclusion.

The secondary Satellite provision opened in September 2018 at Highgate Hill, with 20 places for pupils in Key Stage 3, in its first year.

Our provision is principally for pupils with autism, some pupils may have a dual diagnosis but their predominant area of need will be their differences in social communication and interaction, flexible thinking and sensory processing. Provision is geared towards intentional, verbal communicators who are and will be able to follow the National Curriculum when appropriately differentiated to meet their particular needs, and pupils should be able to engage in small group learning situations (of between 2 and 10 pupils) led by trained adult(s).

Learning follows a structured approach, with clear routines throughout the school day adopting and using timers to clearly signal the start and end of particular activities and lessons. Language is modified and adapted on advice from the Speech and Language Therapist, and includes techniques such as simplification, allowing wait time for processing, and repeating instructions – not rephrasing them.

The Satellites use a positive approach to behaviour. All staff are trained in Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) which is an evidenced based approach. Individual and group systems are used to reinforce positive behaviour alongside praise. Individual systems may include token economy reward systems and contracts. Where needed, pupils will have behaviour support plans which are written and reviewed by teaching staff, the therapy team and parent(s)/carers. Pupils are always included in the strategies and interventions to support their behaviour, where appropriate.