The Bridge London

“Excellent and innovative subject knowledge embedded in everyday teaching activities”

Deputy Head Teacher Woodbridge School Michael Streat and Friend of The Bridge School says:

The Seckford Foundation and Woodbridge School are delighted to support The Bridge School. Staff, pupils, parents, governors and friends of Woodbridge School have been undertaking an annual one-hundred-mile cycle ride between our two Schools for over 10 years now, raising funds to benefit the pupils of The Bridge School. Just as importantly, Woodbridge Sixth Formers visit the Bridge School for three days twice a year to work as classroom assistants – with the children of both schools benefiting enormously from the friendships formed and understanding gained. The Seckford Foundation and Woodbridge School wholeheartedly support The Bridge School and all that it seeks to achieve.

Clerk to the Tallow Chandlers Brigadier Roy Wilde CBE and Friend of the Bridge says:

The Tallow Chandlers are pleased to be able to support the Bridge School's fundraising campaigns with its aims to advance the education of pupils at The Bridge School and to promote and share best practice across the UK. The Tallow Chandlers have had a sponsor governor at The Bridge School for the past 10 years. I recall a particular highlight of the companies association with the school was in November 2006 when students, parents and staff joined the livery company in the Lord Mayor's parade and a most enjoyable time was had by all. The Tallow Chandlers wish The Bridge School every success in hitting its target

Chief Executive for The Lord's Taverners Paul Robin and Friend to The Bridge Charity says:

The Lord's Taverners is dedicated to giving young people a sporting chance so we are delighted to be able to help The Bridge Charity with this new equipment. The new sensory room and playground equipment will have a huge impact on the teachers, carers, families and young people who already benefit from The Bridge Charity, and will further enhance the learning experience and future development of those involved.