The Bridge London

“In my country, my daughter had to be hidden away and was ignored. I didn’t know what to do, I felt that I had lost her but when we came to England The Bridge School gave her back to me.”

About The Bridge Charity

The Bridge Charity works to provide for investigation and innovation in special education. Money raised through the charity also helps to develop resources across The Bridge London Trust,  which cannot be funded within conventional school funding formulas. Our charity was originally founded in 1989 and called The Bridge School Parent Staff Association. Our purpose, then and now, is to enhance the learning experience of all of our children and young people across the Trust and to be a pioneer in the research and innovation which comes from working with these amazing students. Our registered charity number is 801885.

Our pupils have very complicated needs. We are committed to working side by side with parents and in a truly integrated way with other professionals. We seek new strategies so that we can find the best possible way to educate all of the pupils in our school.