The Bridge London

“The school as a whole body really does its best to accommodate all children and address their individual needs”

The Satellite Provision


The Bridge Satellite Provision is a free school based on four sites in Islington which provides for pupils who find it difficult to manage in a mainstream environment but who do not need a special school placement.  

A recent study carried out in Islington by Islington Clinical Commissioning Group evidences what has been recognised anecdotally for the last few years, an increase in the number of pupils with complex autism and an increase in the complexity of the pupils with often co-morbid conditions.

Mainstream schools are catering for pupils with more complex needs than they have needed to before.  Despite their commitment to doing this and their commitment to inclusion they are struggling to provide for these pupils alongside the rest of their school population.  This information has been gained from Local Authority officers, Headteachers and the Outreach Service which provides support and advice for pupils with autism in mainstream schools.  The Bridge School runs the outreach service on a commissioned basis, funded through Schools Forum.  An independent evaluation of the Outreach Service states that it provides an excellent service.  However this service is not sufficient to prevent pupils being excluded and otherwise not have their needs met.

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