The Bridge London

“Children need different teaching strategies. We adjust these to each individual child”

Integrated Working

At The Bridge, each student is allocated their own ‘Communication and Learning Package’. This has been devised by a range of Health and Education professionals and is reviewed and maintained by the team around that child.

The Bridge School knows that parents are an integral part of this process and each pupil’s Communication and Learning Package should be individualised through shared decision making, involving the key people in that child’s life. This is achieved through ensuring that information is given to families in meaningful ways and at the right times.

Communication Guidelines

We believe that working collaboratively with a shared vision and systems to support it will enable Health and Education teams to integrate specialist practice across the school day and offer the right support at the right time in the most effective way for each and every student.

The Communication Guidelines and Map aims to provide everyone at The Bridge School with a shared language when discussing, assessing and supporting our students’ communicative development. The guidelines are not prescriptive but can be used as guidance of good practice and can be used in combination with other tools and approaches.

This document was born out of on-going discussions between teachers and speech and language therapists from The Bridge School when trying to find a common language to talk about, assess and support our student’s communicative development for both expressive and receptive purposes.

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